Functional purpose: Administrative and business centre with a hotel, banking block, offices
Building area 8 500 m2
Minimum total area of the building (all floors), m2: 14 130 m2
Requirements for the location of the facility on the site: To ensure compliance with the guard zones of engineering networks; to carry out designing work taking into account the norms and rules of traffic regulation, technical conditions an decisions of the interested bodies.
Preliminary design engineering loads: Engineering loads are specified by the project.
Heating: 2 MW
Water supply: 189 m3/day
Household sewerage: 189 m3/day
Storm sewerage: 140 l/sec
Telephone installation: 50 numbers
Power supply: 0,9 MW
Number of employees: 200 people
Networks to be removed from under the building spot: Intraquarterly
*Demolition of the following buildings and structures is required: Removal of all facilities of the industrial enterprise (OJSC "Belarusian wallpaper"), demolition of two dilapidated apartment buildings and garages in the adjacent territory.
Total amount of investments, including removal of the facilities and preparation of the site : $ 61, 912, 900$ 8, 800, 000
Payback period of the project 10-15 years
Internal rate of return of the project 5-8%

The project envisages accommodation of a sports and entertainment centre with related services. The main important peculiarity of the facility is that it offers a full range of services and entertainments to people of all ages. Visitors can spend their leisure time receiving additional procedures related to their health and beauty.

The sports component occupies about 65% of the complex area. This includes: a swimming pool, indoor tennis courts, bowling, billiards, aerobics halls, gyms, rehearsal rooms of modern dance. All sports and playrooms are equipped with wardrobes, showers, changing rooms, rooms for the staff coaches and consultants.

Besides, on the territory of the complex there is a separate pavilion of extreme entertainment such as: paintball and skateboarding (skate park).

The yard space of the sports and entertainment centre allows its visitors to move freely on foot through the system of street cafes under light canopies, well-equipped rest areas. 

The location of the site allows to carry out all necessary engineering support of the projected facility with connection to the existing urban engineering communications:

* water supply – from the existing water-main;

  • drainage of the domestic sewerage – into street networks of domestic sewerage;
  • rainwater drainage – into street rain sewer networks;
  • heat supply – from the 48th thermal main along Rakovskaya St.;
  • for electricity supply, it is necessary to allocate the necessary number of built-in transformer stations and the RP-5 to be removed from the adjacent territory.
  1. Master plan
  2. Reference plan
  3. Photo fixation 1
  4. Photo fixation 2
  5. Photo fixation 3
  6. Spatial plan of engineering networks and structures
  7. General view of the projected territory
  8. Scheme of engineering support
  9. Situation diagram
  10. Floor scheme of functional zoning complex 1
  11. Floor scheme of functional zoning complex 2
  12. General view of complex 1
  13. General view of complex 2
  14. General view of complex 3
  15. General view of complex 4