Operating facilities

No Name of the facility Name of the organization Address Sales area , sq.m
1 Shopping centre "Stolitsa" Main Department of Consumer Market of Minsk City Executive Committee Nezavisimosti Square 21120
2 Central Department Store-Minsk OJSC "TSUM Minsk" Nezavisimosti Ave., 54 8824
3 Department store "Belarus" TCUE "Department store Belarus" Zhilunovich St., 4 7380
4 Trading house "Na Nemige" LLC "TD "Na Nemige" Nemiga St., 8 6299
5 GUM OJSC "GUM" Nezavisimosti Ave., 21 6869
6 Shopping centre "Kirmash" UE "Kirmash" Dzerzhinsky Ave., 100 3070
7 Hypermarket "Prostor" JCSC "ProstorMarket" Dzerzhinsky Ave., 126 6200
8 Hypermarket "Prostor" JCSC "Prostor-Trade" Partizansky Ave., 182 6176
9 Hypermarket "Prostor" JCSC "Prostor-Trade" Uborevich St., 176 6176
10 Hypermarket "Bi-Mart" JLLC "Tolmi-Bel" Nezavisimosti Ave., 171 4200
11 Hypermarket "OMA" LLC "OMA" Napoleon Orda St., 6 5500
12 Hypermarket "Materik" LLC "Ernis" Pritytsky Ave., 101 5200
13 Sopping centre "Korona" LLC "Tabak-Invest" Kalvariyskaya St., 24 10050
14 Shopping centre "Hippo" FE "Belvillesden" Goretsky St., 2 10881
15  Hypermarket "Hippo" FE "Belvillesden" Rokossovsky Ave., 2 5752
16 Supermarket "Hippo" FE "Belvillesden" Gorodetskaya St., 30 4235
17 Hypermarket "Hippo" FE "Belvillesden" Luchina-Igumensky highway 4500
18 Shopping centre "Dmitriyev Kirmash" LLC "Dmitriyev Kirmash" Lozhinskaya St., 22 3669
19 Shopping centre "Riga" OJSC "Universam Riga" Surganov St., 50 6115
20 BC "Yevropa" FLLC "Rubiros International" Surganov St., 57 a, b 12560
21 Multifunctional complex LLC "Trading House "Zhdanovochi" Timiryazev St., 114 43700
22 Shopping centre  «COOLMAN» CP CС  «COOLMAN» Kulman St., 3а 4400
23 Shopping centre "Atlantik" JLLC "Parkingplus" Kulman St., 5б 2850
24 Shopping centre "Zerkalo" ELC "Parking" V. Khoruzhaya ST., 6б 7683
25 Shop "Mebel, stroimaterialy" CJSC "Mebel, stroimaterialy" V. Khoruzhaya St., 6 3726
26 Shopping centre "Siluet" CС "Siluet" V. Khoruzhaya St., 1а 9784
27 Shopping centre "Moskovsko-Vensky tsentr" CС "Vsegda vmeste" Nezavisimosti Ave., 58 5505
28 CJSC "Fart@V" CJSC "Fart @ V" Nemiga St., 12 14000
29 Shopping centre "Maximus" JLLC "Arnika-Trast" Lobanok St.. 94 5243
30 Shopping centre "Prazdnik" LLC "Bondi" Sukharevskaya St., 16 3250
31 Shopping centre "Magnit" 30 proprietors Sharangovich St., 25 3687
32 Shopping centre "Globo" CJSC "Beltyazhmash" Umanskaya St., 54 6730
33 Shopping centre "Titan" JV "Sigmaplus" Dzerzhinsky Ave., 104 7124
34 Shopping centre "Avtozapchasti na Leshchinskogo" Partnership of proprietors Leshchinsky St., 14а 3461
35 Shopping and entertainment complex with the bus station "Tsentralny" FLLC "Miaton" Bobruiskaya St., 6 24000
36 Shopping and administrative centre "Stella" ELC "First Managing Company" Masherov Ave., 76 3280
37 Shopping centre "Boro" ELC "Eterika" The town of Borovlyany 6000
38 Construction hypermarket "Novosiolkin" CPUE "AstomStroi" Borovaya St.,1 4038
39 Hypermarket "Bigs" JLLC "Baniar" Logoisk Highway and Minsk Ring Road 6322
40 Hyperdiscounter "Euroopt" LLC "Eurotorg" Montazhnikov St., 4 7948
Total sales area 317507

Facilities under construction 

No Name of the facility Name of the organization, years of implementation Planned sales area, sq.m (not less than)
1 Multifunctional сomplex of road service at the intersection of Dolginovsky highway and Minsk Ring Road ELC "Eterika" 7500
2 Multifunctional сomplex of road service at the intersection of Dolginovsky highway and Minsk Ring Road ELC "Eterika" 7500
3 Multifunctional complex of road service with a multi-level garage-parking in the area of the intersection of Pritytsky St. – Minsk Ring Road ELC "Eterika" 15900
4 Multifunctional complex at the intersection of Gamarnik St. – Logoisk highway LLC "Lankorma" 3300
5 Administrative and business, shopping and entertainment centre with underground parking  at the intersection of Minsk Ring Road – Nezavisimosti Ave. JLLC "Gradstroiinvest - F" 15000
6 Shopping and entertainment centre with prking "Korona - Uruchye" BAJV LLC "Tabak-Invest" 6400
7 Multifunctional hotel and business complex  at the intersection of Nezavisimosti Ave. – Kalinovsky St. "MAGNIT MINSKA" FLLC "Belpars" 34300
8 Trade complex in Nezavisimosti Ave. FLLC "Zomex Investment" 25200
9 Multifunctional shopping and entertainment and service complex in Pobediteley Ave. JCSC "Altersolushis" 13100
10 Public catering complex with administrative and social infrastructure (LIDO type)  at 65 Pobediteley Ave., 65 BAJV LLC "Tabak-Invest" 28000
11 Sports and recreational and entertainment centre  within Kazimirovskaya St. – Kamennogorskaya St. LLC "Vinterrainvest" 3500
12 Hypermarket in the micro-district "Kamennaya Gorka" Kamennogorskaya St. – Minsk Ring Road JCJC "Prostor-Trade" 20400
13 Multifunctional complex within Komsomolskaya St. – Gorodskoi Val CJSC "Fart @ V" 14000
14 Multifunctional hotel complex Internatsionalnaya St. – Oktyabrskaya Square FLLC "Prudenko Investment LTD" 9800
15 Administrative and trade centre in Mashinostriteley St., 27 LLC "Businesspatronat" 4500
16 Shopping centre with a multi-level parking lot for 500 cars in the area of the metro station "Mogilevskaya" FE "BelVillesden" 10800
17 Shopping centre in the area of the intersection of Zhinovich St. – Garun St. ELC "Vitalyur" 3000
18 Shopping centre in the area of the intersection of  Rafiyev St. – Beletsky St. ELC "Vitalyur" 3000
19 Shopping centre in Pritytsky St. PE"Rapa Torg" 10000
20 Shopping and entertainment complex with underground parking at 9 Dunin-Martsinkevich St. PTUE "Gulliver" 7500
21 Trade centre "Aerodromny" (reconstruction)  Chkalov St., 38 LLC "Aleksandrov Invest" 2974
22 Branded furniture store in Pritytsky St. CJS "Holding company "Pinskdrev" 11500
23 Trade and consumer services centre with a café-bar "Kamennaya Gorka-3"  within Nalibokskaya St. – Nemanskaya St. LLC "Sporynya" 3000
24 Trade and social centre at the intersection of Mayakovsky St. – Mayakovsky Lane LLC "Nemiga Export Stroi" 3000
25 Trade and entertainment centre within Pritytsky St. – Kuntsevshchina St. LLC "EuroStepGrupp" 37500
26 Multifunctional shopping and cultural and entertainment complex No. 1 and No. 7 within the student housing complex in Dzerzhinsky Ave. LLC "Unifud" 3500
27 Multifunctional complex in Pritytsky St. (near the residential building No. 91) LLC "Unifud" 3100
28 Shopping centre in the area of Kolesnikov St. LLC "SotsStroiProyekt" 7000
29 Shopping centre in Kolesnikov St. FLLC "Baltic Investment Company" 5600
30 Multifunctional Czeck commercial centre in Pritytsky St. LLC "Argoinzhiniring" 3900
31 Multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex with office space, fitness centre and parking in Pritytsky St. LLC "Festival Centre" 9483
32 Social and trade and business complex in Kalvariyskaya St. FPUE "Univest-M" 12650
33 Business centre with a motor saloon in Dzerzhinsky Ave. FLLC "RmInvestment" 8000
34 Multifunctional public- business and trade-service complex "Chervensky" (Mayakovsky St., 4) FLLC "Didas International Company" 32500
35 Construction hypermarket "Serebryanka" within Vaneyev St. – 2nd Velosipedny Lane LLC "OMA" 4400
36 Multifunctional shopping and entertainment centre within Mayakovsky St. – Denisovskaya St. – Semionov St. LLC "MayakInvest" 33 600
37 Hypermarket in Partizansky Ave. – Minsk Ring Road LLC "Eurotorg" 10000
38 Shopping and entertainment centre, business centre, parking in Pritytsky St. (From Timoshenko St. to 1st District Magistral St.) LLC "CityInvestGroup" 8400
39 Shoppin centre in Rafiyev St. LLC "AvikOilInvest" 4300
40 Multifunctional restaurant complex in the city park in the area of Nezavisimosti Ave. – Filimonov St. – F. Skoryna St. IPUJV "AzNeman-M" 7700
41 Shopping and entertainment centre at the intersection of Kazimirovskaya St. – Nemanskaya St. LLC "BelRosCompani" 6000
42 Shopping centre at the intersection of Kizhevatov St. – Korzhenevsky St. LLC "Tabak-Invest" 5000
43 Shopping centre with accommodation  of the Registry Office of Pervomaisky District at the intersection of Nezavisimosti Ave. – Russiyanov St. LLC "AVA-Style" 4000
44 Multifunctional shopping and entertainment centre with a hotel at Pobediteley Ave., 9 JLLC "Gallery Concept" 40000
45 Multifunctional complex with underground parking in Leshchinsky St. LLC "Premiya" 3700
46 Multifunctional complex including administrative, commercial premises, a hotel, underground parking in Pritytsky St. JV "Strominvest" 4100
47 Commercial centre with hotel and office functions and parking in the centre of the residential micro district Loshitsa LLC "TPK Belgranitstroy" 9000
48 Shopping centre at Partizansky Ave., 99 LLC "Budova Plyus" 3500
49 Shopping centre within Orlovskaya St. – Timiryazev St. JLLC "BelMartPlaza" 17000
50 Administrative-commercial and industrial-warehouse premises at Timiryazev St., 9 JV "AvtoBusiness" 7000
51 Administrative and shopping centre with multi-level parking and production block at Leshchinsky St., 12 JLLC "Petroff Plyus" 5400
52 2nd stage of the multifunctional complex "TITAN", Dzerzhinsky Ave. JV "Sigmapolyus" 18000

Facilities that are supposed to be built 

No. Name of the facility Address Sales area , not less than sq.m
1 Multifunctional public and commercial complex with multilevel parking At the place of the Chizhevsky Market 3500