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Capital investments and investment development

Investment development

In January-March 2017 organizations of Minsk used 636.3 million rubles of investments in fixed assets, which amounted to 97.3% against the corresponding period of the previous year in comparable conditions.

The volume of construction and installation works with installation of equipment in Minsk amounted to 364.0 million rubles, the pace - 100.9% compared to the same period last year in comparable conditions. The share in the total volume of investments was 57.2%.

The main sources of funding are: own funds of organizations - 36.8%, local budget funds - 21.4%, bank loans - 6.1%.

In January-March 2017 the main volume of investments was invested in the following activities: real estate transactions (34.7%), transport activity, warehousing, postal and courier activities (12.0%), information and communication (8.6 %), processing industry (7.7%).