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Economic potential of the city of Minsk

In January-February, 2018 the main large industrial enterprises in Minsk produced products for a total amount of more than 2.1 billion rubles (the growth rate by the same period last year in actual prices - 113.3%), including:

  • organizations subordinated to the republican government bodies - 1.6 billion rubles with a growth rate of 112.8%;
  • organizations subordinated to the Minsk City Executive Committee - 171.3 million rubles with a growth rate of 109.2%;
  • legal entities without departmental subordination - 346.6 million rubles with a growth rate of 117.7%.

In January-February 2018, 17.0 thousand tons of flour were produced (the growth rate by the same period of last year amounted to 121.1%), 11.0 thousand tons of bread (rate - 103.4), 5 thousand tons of chocolate ,chocolate confectionery products and sugar (136.1%), 2390 thousand sparkling wines (177.0%), 4,1930 thousand deciliters of beer (104.6%), 4240 thousand  non-alcoholic drinks (114.0% %), 458 thousand square meters of woolen cloth (148.7%), 105 thousand pieces of the upper clothing (120.7%), medicines worth 80.1 million rubles (115.6%), 116.5 thousand  ceramic sanitary and technical units (116.5%), 2.6 million square meters of ceramic tiles (109.1%), 4.4 thousand tractors for agriculture and forestry (102.3%), 25.3 thousand  washing machines (117.7%), 176.0 thousand microwave ovens (116.5%), 79.8 thousand TVs  (183.4%), 1.0 thousand trucks (129.9%), 7.2 thousand bicycles (111.8%).

For 01.03.2018 the warehouse stocks of finished goods amounted to 906.3 million rubles, or 85.6 percent of the average monthly output.

In 2017, according to the Program of Action of the Minsk City Executive Committee, it was planned to issue import-substituting products for 534 commodity items in the amount of 1 505.6 million US dollars (of which small and medium businesses accounted for 788.1 million US dollars). In January-June 2017, production was produced for 765.8 million US dollars (of which 399.4 million US dollars were the subjects of small and medium business) or 50.9% of the annual plan. The export amounted to 287.9 ​​million US dollars.