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Minsk is a platform for business

There have been created all conditions for a dynamic business development in Minsk.

As of December 1, 2016, the number of small and medium-sized businesses in the city as a whole is 44,582 organizations, of which 521 are medium organizations, 4,149 are small organizations, 39,912 are micro organizations, and 71437 individual entrepreneurs.

The share of tax revenues from this category of payers in the city's receipts for January-November 2016 amounted to 35.1%.

Within the framework of the State Program "Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020" several mechanisms of state financial support for small business entities operate in Minsk:

  • preferential crediting;
  • granting a subsidy to reimburse part of the costs associated with participation in exhibitions and fairs;
  • granting a subsidy to reimburse a portion of interest for the use of bank loans;
  • granting a subsidy to reimburse part of the costs of paying lease payments under finance leasing (leasing) contracts in terms of paying the amount of the creditor's (remuneration) fee.

Necessary measures are taken to identify unused and inefficiently used areas of industrial enterprises, as well as to identify reserves that increase the investment attractiveness of Minsk.

On an ongoing basis, work is being carried out to lease inefficiently used areas. On the website of the Minsk City Executive Committee an information resource (button) "Squares for business" has been created.

An important mechanism for stimulating the business activity of entrepreneurship is the activity of infrastructure entities - Minsk City Technical Park LLC, business support centers and small business incubators.

During the period of the work of the Technical Park, there has been developed specialization of its activity in the priority areas of innovative development: applied optoelectronic and laser technologies, information security systems, recognition of material and non-material objects, electronic control systems of various levels and profiles, security systems for various purposes, technologies in the field of aircraft construction and navigation, nanotechnology.

31 organizations are residents of the Technical Park. Since the beginning of the work of the Technical Park there have been dispatched innovation products amounting to 40.0 million rubles, over 300 new vacancies have been created.